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Maquette plastique REVELL McDonnell Douglas DC-10

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  1. McDonnell Douglas DC-10
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Nombre de pièces: 42
Longueur: 176 mm
Envergure: 152 mm

The first production DC-10s flew for the first time on 29.8.70. The Series 30 intercontinental version had a larger wing span and 3 General Electric turbofan engines each giving 23,133 kp thrust. Cruising speed: 908 km/h at an altitude of 9,145 m.

- Structurally detailed fuselage and wings
- Landing gear optionally open or closed
- Detailed engines and landing gear
- Decals for a KLM version

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Ref :04211
Echelle :1/320 éme
Niveau :Intermédiaire 100 pce aprox
Nbr de piéce :42



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